Fanta was originally developed in Nazi Germany following the wartime trade embargo of Germany by the United States, which prevented the importation of Coca Cola.

As a result of these straitened circumstances, it contained only ingredients that were available in war-torn Germany: sugar beet, whey, and apple pomace. Max Keith, the drink’s inventor, described the ingredients as “the leftovers of leftovers.”

Fanta Klassik. (Image: Sebastian Koppehel, CC BY 4.0)

In 2015, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Fanta, Coca Cola released the original recipe in a vintage-styled bottle that evoked the original designs, and called it Fanta Klassik. Unfortunately they also launched the product with an ad campaign that claimed they wanted to restore “the feeling of the Good Old Times”, which wasn’t a great look for a drink developed during the Third Reich. They pulled the ad campaign, but kept the drink.