Britain has always had food industry trade bodies, slightly dull organisations that represented producers and lobbied government and things like that. Probably the most famous was the Milk Marketing Board, which ran adverts throughout the post-war years, including the famous “drinka pinta milka day” and “Accrington Stanley? Who are they?”. But there are also smaller bodies like the British Sandwich Association, who organise an annual awards ceremony called the “Sammies”.

The best of all of them, though, has to be the Cake and Biscuit Alliance, if only for its magnificent name. It ran a series of ads during and after World War II that extolled the unique virtues of biscuits, reminding people that “biscuits keep you going”:

An advert from 1950.
A post-war advert from the Cake and Biscuit Manufacturers' War Time Alliance.

Sadly, the alliance is no more; it merged with the Cocoa, Chocolate and Confectionery Alliance in 1987 to form the unwieldy Biscuit Cake Chocolate and Confectionery Alliance, which had faded into obscurity by the early noughties.